St Patrick’s Day

Mass was celebrated by Bishop Burns at Cathedral Shrine of Virgin of  Guadalupe at noon on St. Patrick’s Day.  After Mass, a luncheon was served by the IAS, and musical entertainment provided by the Ed Macke family.

Celebrations continued throughout the day.

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2017 Celebration

2017 Celebrations





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2017 Celebration



    A Remembrance of St. Patrick’s Day 2000 @ Midway Point

St. Patrick's Celebration 2000

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St. Patrick’s 2017 Parade

This gallery contains 29 photos.

The IAS and GAA teamed up to present a good showing at the St. Patrick’s Parade on March 11.  Here are some photos of the parade and merriment that followed.    

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Mary Holt Moore

I am a child of immigrants.
I am of a people who for over 800 years have bent a knee to no king but the King of Heaven and bowed a head to no queen but the Queen of Heaven.
I am of a dispersed people, sent in slavery to Barbados
In chains to Australia
In famine to America.

I am of a people who tore themselves from their Father’s trembling arms,
kissed their tear stained mother’s face goodbye.
Traveled all over the world to keep a roof over beloved heads, and food on the hungry table.
I am of an empire on which no sun has set, for wherever you go in this whole wide world,
Wherever a House of God has risen, where ever a house of learning founded,
or a tree of liberty planted by loving hands, and watered by the tears of an Irish exile,
there you will find the Irish Empire.

I thank God for the blood of my Fathers,
I thank God for the land of my birth.
I pray that God will save Ireland
I pray that God will continue to Bless America.

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Please give a great big Irish welcome when you see our new members:

Ed Melton
James Roberts
Mary Jane Dyson
Stanford Oliver
Richard & Sharon Lemley
Thomas & Terri Fitzsimmons
John & Jennifer Roper
Elenora & Andrew Larkin
Jim & Jacque Jones
Patrick & Gwen Kelly
Patrick & Ashley McDonough

Patrick McDonough & Tess

Patrick McDonough & Tess

Jim Roberts

Jim Jones










Sharon Lemley & Daughter

Sharon Lemley & Daughter

Ed Melton

Ed Melton

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NTIF 2017

This gallery contains 14 photos.

Celebrating Irish!  It was a great weekend to listen to wonderful performers, including The High Kings, We Banjo Three, Barrule from over the pond, as well as many local favorites, some of those being the Behans, Irish Rogues and Tullamore.  … Continue reading

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