Past IAS President presentation

Tuesday night the 2015-2016 IAS officers presented a platter to Past Presidents Tim and Cynthia McDonald for their service during the year.

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1916 – British Response

Brigadier General William Lowe, in command of the Dublin British forces stated the rebels had placed themselves outside the law, so there should be no hesitation in dealing with them, and they were not to be made prisoners.  This approach proved to be very controversial, even to Permanent secretary at the Home Office, Edward Troup.

On Wednesday, April 26, the London Cabinet declared Martial Law despite advice to refrain from doing so by leading public servants in Dublin Castle.  Also on Wednesday, the official orders instructed soldiers to shoot first any individual suspected of being a rebel if they were armed and did not surrender.

Major-General Sir John Maxwell was appointed Commander-in-Chief on Thursday, who encouraged the killings of many Irish.  British military soldiers killed fifteen innocent and unarmed men during North King Street house to house gun battles.  It was Maxwell that decided on the arrest and court-martial of rebels, and thence the executions.  Over 3,500 people were arrested, many with no part in the Rising; 187 civilians were court-martialed, with 88 death sentences approved.

While public acceptance of the Rising had been lukewarm in the beginning, the quick trials and executions provided the catalyst to turn public opinion to favor the separation from England.

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During the Easter Rising, two flags were flown over the GPO, that of the tricolor raised above the Henry Street corner, and the green Irish Republic flag, raised at the Princes Street corner.

While the tricolor had been introduced in the mid 1800s, inspired by the French Revolutionary flag, it didn’t take hold until 1916. The white signified a truce between “Orange” loyalist tradition, and the “Green” nationalist one. The tricolor was also flown in Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford during the week of Easter Rising. In 1916, the media referred to the tricolor as the Republican flag.

1916 Flags

1916 flags

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Annual Meeting and Talent Show

The IAS Annual Meeting was held on June 5 at Brookhaven Country Club.

The following officers were sworn in for the fiscal year July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017:

Co-Presidents Cynthia McDonald & Sheila Balagna
Co-VicePresidents Kathy Moore & Sharon O’Rourke
Treasurer Donna Petri
Secretary Kristen Giard

Following the meeting, Tim Kennedy presented a talent show which including members of the IAS and the School of Irish Music.

With sadness we remember Paul Delahunty, who entertained us with songs at previous talent.

Talent Show 2016

Talent Show 2016

Talent Show 2016

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