Frequently Asked Questions

Finding Information and Searching for Articles

What is a Blog?

A Blog is a discussion or information site published on the Web consisting of discrete entries (“posts”) typically displayed in reverse chronological order so the most recent post appears first.  This website runs on a blog. Ours is a “multi-author blog” where posts can be written by multiple authors and edited or managed by multiple admins as well. It is an ideal system for a club or an association such as ours to use for sharing information with its membership.

What is a Post?

A post is a story or article in a blog that has a publishing date and an author and it is usually archived in chronological order by date and time.

What are the Archive Categories?

The categories under which we file all the published stories (posts). To the right of the category and in parenthesis are the total count of stories in that category.

What are the Archives?

A collection of all the previously published posts organized by categories. You can browse posts by date of publishing. If you know the month and year of publication, you can select the date from the drop-down menu to see everything published during that month. Once you select a month, the calendar below will change to the month you selected and the days with articles will be highlighted.

What will the Search Archives bar find?

To search inside of all the published posts type a search term or a phrase then click the Search button or the Enter/Return key on your keyboard. Typing a search term will return a listing of posts that contain that keyword or phrase.

What are the Tags?

Tags are micro-categories in a blog. Posts with similar tags are linked together when a user clicks one of the tags.

Why can't I find an older article in the archives?

If you cannot find an older article in our historical archives from a previous version of our website, please let us know. While every effort has been made to preserve historical data, it is possible that not everything has been republished from the older websites. We want to preserve our association’s history, if you have any older articles or photos, please send them to us for publishing.

Commenting on Articles

Can I comment on posted articles?

Yes you can, but you must register first by submitting the form with your name and email address. Then find the “Leave a comment” link below the article and click on it. Your comment will not appear immediately, we have to review it and approve it. This helps us control or limit spam.

Publishing Articles (Posts)

Can anyone publish a Post?

Yes, we want to publish all stories of interest for our membership. Initially you should email it to us and we’ll publish it for you, afterwards you can register as a website user to qualify to become a regular contributing author.

Submitting Photos

Can we publish photos?

Yes, please send us photos you want to contribute to our website via email and include any captions for them in the email. We will confirm to you when they get published.


When are membership dues collected?

Membership dues are paid for one calendar year and are payable in the month of June.

Do members receive any type of discounts?

Dues paid members receive special member discounts at featured events.

How are the membership dues utilized by the society?

Dues allow us to maintain this website and offer sponsorship to a variety of Irish cultural & community events throughout the year.