About IAS

As a social organization, the Irish-American Society (IAS) sponsors annual events such as a St. Patrick’s Day Ball, a Christmas party, a family picnic, and a talent show just to name a few! A monthly Pub Night is held on the second Tuesday of every month at various local establishments. Our new Special Interest Groups (SIGs) offer our members more of an opportunity to have smaller groups with a common interest.


The 2011 USA Roses in Tralee, Ireland.

The Irish-American Society, in conjunction with the Texas Rose of Tralee Committee, sponsors & supports a participant in the International Rose of Tralee Festival in Tralee, Ireland.

The IAS supports the Irish-American Cultural Institute which offers its members an opportunity to increase their knowledge of Irish culture by bringing distinguished Irish writers, poets and lecturers to Dallas. The IAS also sponsors concerts and plays featuring local and internationally renowned artists. Additionally, the IAS has donated Irish books and media to the main downtown Dallas Library and to the University of Dallas Cultural Collection.

The IAS website keeps members informed about social events, meetings, and important events in our members’ lives. Special events sponsored by other local Irish organizations are also publicized. Members are urged to participate by attending functions and by volunteering on various committees.

Member Recognition

The 2006 Irish Person of the Year, Lula Maye Walsh is flanked by IAS members at the luncheon held in her honor.

Since 1988, the Irish American Society has chosen an “Irish Person of the Year”.
The criteria for being nominated as “Irish Person of the Year” are as follows:

  1. Continual dedication of time and tenure to the Irish American Society.
  2. Unselfish attitude towards all IAS members.
  3. Continual promotion of the IAS.
  4. Continual presence at all IAS events.
  5. Provides assistance to the Irish Community and its various organizations.
  6. Maintains a non-political and a non-religious attitude in all IAS proceedings.
  7. Participation on the IAS Board and various IAS committees.
  8. Maintains a generous spirit through financial assistance.
  9. Participation at other Irish events, such as the Downtown St. Patrick’s Day Parade and The North Texas Irish Fest.

Prior to 1996, the IAS Board’s criteria stipulated that the IPOY had to be from Ireland or of Irish descent.  However, it was agreed upon at that time that non-Irish people were also eligible to receive the award provided they were members of the IAS and deserving of the honor.  It was further decided that in the case of a couple being deserving of the prestigious selection that the award would go to one individual only.