Pub Night in September–Happy birthday Ron!

We had a great time at Black Friar Pub in Lakewood! It was wonderful weather and we were out on a fabulous patio overlooking the Lakewood Theater.

And we surprised Ron Tamplin with a birthday card and cake! Thank you Patti for getting those!

We handed out the upcoming calendar. Hope to see everyone soon!

Sept 6th           Book Club at Brewer’s Arms—Final Fling

Sept 13th         Pub night at Black Friar Pub

Oct 4th             Book Club at Brewer’s Arms—Toughnut Angel

Oct 11th           Pub night at The Londoner

Oct 15th           International Festival

Nov 1st            Book Club at Brewer’s Arms—Murder in an Irish Bookshop

Nov 8th            Pub night at McGillan’s

Nov 13th          Stew & Soda Bread at Patti & Scott Frank’s

Dec 6th             Book Club Christmas Party

Dec 13th           Pub Night at Gillespie’s Tavern

Dec xxx            Christmas Party—Date TBD

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