St.Patrick’s Day Parade Saturday March 12th 9:00

We meet at 9:00. The parade starts at 11:00. You must sign waivers and get a wristband in order to step onto Greenville.

We have several coordinators for this event: Aaron Adair, Scott Schroy, Justin Maloney, Noah Roche and Kathy Moore Check out this website for map, schedule, rules and regulations, etc.

We meet behind the Half Price Book Store on Blackwell Street between 9 and 9:30. We walk onto Greenville Avenue at 10:00 and the parade starts promptly at 11:00. You must allow yourself time to get a security wrist bracelet and sign in. You must sign the waiver upon entering. 

No cars are allowed, only walkers. Do not bring anything with you such as coolers. Only bring yourself, no dogs. You will not be allowed to walk with us if you bring dogs.
County flags are first come-first served. We don’t hold requests for certain counties.

Dart Rail has a station at Park Lane. Just walk across the track to Blackwell St. It is the best way to get there, as parking is really hard. Same thing going home. Take Dart back to your station. It is easy. There will be close to 100,000 people on Greenville, so you can imagine the number of cars. 

The parade registration is under the name Irish-American Society. Look for Aaron, Scott, Noah and Justin. I will be in a van that says American Handyman of Texas, but then I will be leaving to go to the end of the parade, where I will pick up the flags when you finish. Throw your flags into the back of the van. I will be sitting at the corner of University and Central waiting for you unless the police won’t let me. In that case, my van will be parked in the underground parking lot at Trinity Hall.

There will be an after party at The Playwright Pub at One Arts Plaza on Routh Street. We will meet outside on the patio near the Celtic Cross. Parking is free if you get the code from your server. First you pay with card, then put the code in and it reverses the charge.

Here are the phone numbers but it is so noisy out there, I doubt if anybody will hear their phone ring.

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