Tuesday – Day 2.  British move 7,000 troops into Dublin.   Martial law is declared by Lord Lieutenant Wimborne.

The Rising was not popular with the people of Dublin.  A fifteen year old volunteer offered this negative information:  The mob screamed “Come out to France and fight, you so-and-so slackers.”  A very big, tall woman had something heavy in her hand and tried to hit me in the head.  A volunteer saw this, fired and dropped the woman.

Another fifteen year old was involved in transporting arms across Dublin.  On Tuesday, after delivering a dispatch to an officer at Phibsboro Bridge, he stopped at home and told his mother he was all right.  On the way back to his post, he was shot in the head.  His last words were “God Bless the Volunteers”.  He was the youngest casualty on the Republican side.

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