1916 – Ceannt

Eamonn Ceannt (born Edward Kent) was the most complex of the planners.  Described as cold and a man of little words, he was driven by a fierce love of all things Irish and hated all things English.

Being extremely interest in reviving the Irish language, and educating people on the Irish culture, music, literature and history, Ceannt joined the central branch of the Gaelic League in 1899.  Recognizing his drive, he was elected a member of the governing body and by 1905 he was teaching Irish language classes in branch offices of the league.  Ceannt’s musical talents earned him a gold medal at the 1906 Oireachtas .  He even put on a performance for Pope Pius X.

Ceannt joined the Dublin central branch of Sinn Fein, which increased his determination to see an Independent Ireland. In 1912 he was sworn to the Irish Republican Brotherhood.

In May 1915, Ceannt as part of the IRB Military Council, along with Joseph Plunkett and Sean MacDiarmada started formation of plans for a rebellion.  As appointed Director of Communications, he was one of the seven men to sign the Proclamation of Independence  for the Irish Republic.  As commandant of the 4th Battalion of the Volunteers, during the Rising he was stationed at the South Dublin Union, with more than 100 men under his command.

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