The annual meeting of the IAS was held on June 9, 2013 at the Elks Club in Dallas.  A summary of membership and treasury was given.  An audit committee has been chosen, and the results will be made available shortly.

The nominating committee of Patti Winston, Terry Barnard  and Phyllis Wells presented a slate of officers.   Elected officers are:

PRESIDENTS                   Larry & Sheila Balagna
VICE PRESIDENTS        Tim & Cynthia McDonald
SECRETARY                    Betty D’Arcy
TREASURER                    Evelyn Frasier

The following board positions were announced:

Webmaster                  Gina Curbo
Communications         Patricia Dillingham
Membership                Suzanne Stanton & Sloan Teleha
Events Chair                Patti Winston & Phyllis Wells                                                       Cultural                        Pat Howell & Sharon O’Rourke
Sunshine                      Ann Brophy

Members were encouraged to sign up to support the upcoming events, to help ensure a success of each event.    Dinner of Marshalls BBQ followed, with great fellowship for all who attended.

Members enjoy visiting along with a good meal.