Irish Person of the Year 2011 – Linda Murphy

The Irish Person of the Year (IPOY), is the Irish American Society’s annual award to one of its outstanding members. The award recognizes the recipient’s commitment to the promotion of the social and cultural goals not only of the Irish American Society but also of those of other Irish organizations in the area.

Linda Murphy

This award recognizes Linda’s significant and ongoing contributions to the Irish American Society itself and to the broader Irish-American community in North Texas. Her enthusiastic support of all aspects of Irish culture and for Irish organizations is constant and contagious. Linda is the 24th recipient of the Irish Person of the Year award, which was first bestowed in 1988.


Her meeting, and marrying, Murphy sparked her interest in all things Irish. With some research, she discovered her great-great grandfather was from County Monahan. Her father’s linage is third generation Texan making her grand-children sixth generation Texans with Irish heritage!

She has found all things Irish and all Irish persons (whether Ireland or American born) to be the most warm, friendly and totally interesting friends she has known – which is why she has enjoyed devoting so much effort, talent and many hours to so many of the Irish organizations and activities sponsored by the IAS and The Rose of Tralee over the years. Her officer positions with the IAS have included Co-Secretary and Co-President over a three year span from 2002-2005. She traveled to Tralee numerous times to support the Texas Rose at the International Competitions.

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