IAS Board 2006-2007

The IAS operates as a non-profit organization following a set of by-laws and objectives. To ensure a consistent direction for the IAS, we are fortunate to have the following volunteers accept responsibility for specific duties within the society.

Board of Directors

  • Presidents : Bill and Sheila Dohm
  • Vice-President : John Barnes
  • Secretary : Cedric and Joan Seley
  • Treasurer : Tim and Ev Cassin
  • Membership : Ed and Terry Lynch

If you would like to learn more about these positions and their responsibilities, please contact the current office holder. We suggest that anyone interested in assuming a position in the next election should actively participate in the activities related to the position this year. Perhaps, candidates could volunteer to assist the current officeholder in order to better understand the scope and responsibilities of the position.

Meet the new board

It’s that time of the year again and the torch has been passed to a new IAS board.

Pictured ( from left to right) are Tim Cassin (Co-Treasurer), Ed Lynch (Co-Membership director), Cedric Seley (Co- Secretary), Terry Lynch (Co-Membership director), John Barnes (Vice-President), Ev Cassin (Co-treasurer), Sheila Dohm (Co-President), Joan Seley (Co- Secretary) and Bill Dohm (Co-President).

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